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Zombie Drift 3D is a racing game in which you take control of a high-performance car and navigate through large groups of carnivorous undead.

In Zombie Drift 3D, your main objective is to preserve your life while maneuvering your vehicle through an endless horde of undead. When traversing treacherous terrain with your car, your main objectives should be to maintain vehicle control and prevent collisions. As you become more skilled at drifting, your ability to make sharp turns and avoid hazards will improve. Acquiring health packs enables you to prolong your lifespan and customize your car. In order to maintain a strategic advantage over the zombies, it is imperative to employ speed-enhancing substances in a methodical fashion. By enhancing your weapons, you can augment both their damage and range. Observe the direction in which the zombies are moving and take proactive measures beforehand.


Choice between keys or WASD: Engage in acceleration, deceleration, and steering.
Pressing the spacebar will cause the vehicle to drift.
E: Activate the nitro boost.

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