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Prepare yourself for an exciting experience of sky racing with Monster Truck Sky Racing! Monster trucks driven at high speeds compete against computer-controlled opponents on aerial tracks.

Earn money by completing races, then use that money to buy more monster cars and modify the ones you already have. The thrills never stop coming thanks to the availability of ten different monster trucks and twelve distinct racing zones. Craft your vehicles, decorate them with unique designs, and play the game in any of the 16 available languages!
You will receive cash prizes corresponding to your performance in the race. Use this money to unlock new monster trucks, each with completely different powers and characteristics. You can gain an edge over other players by upgrading your vehicle to increase acceleration, top speed, and overall control.
In Monster Truck Sky Racing, customization is an essential component. To give your trucks a unique look that stands out on the track, you can personalize them by adding new graphics and textures. Choose from a range of personalization options so you can express your own tastes and creativity.
You'll never run out of obstacles, as there are 12 unique racing zones for you to conquer. You will stay attentive and entertained for an indefinite period of time due to the fact that each area has its own challenges, ramps, and surprises.

How to play the game:

Choose among the available free monster trucks. Join the contest. You can accumulate points by completing challenges on the track. Win first, second, or third place in the competition. Accumulate cash. Choose a new vehicle or upgrade one of the vehicles already in the fleet. Compete at the next level, unlocked.


Monster Truck Sky Racing can only be played on a computer with a keyboard. Use the arrow keys to control the steering wheel. Simply pressing the Shift button activates nitrous oxide boost (NOS).

Use the mouse

to interact with various UI elements by clicking on them.

Important aspects of the game:

Exciting air racing with monster trucks
AI opponents make the gaming experience more difficult.
10 different monster trucks to unlock and improve
Personalization options for your different vehicle modifications
12 unique racing zones, each with its own problems
The book's availability in sixteen different languages generates enjoyment on a global scale.

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