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A racing game is what Drift Hunters is. Let's perform some spins, some rapid turns, and some skillful drifting so that we can enjoy the exhilarating sense of drifting.

Players have access to a wide variety of well-known racing car manufacturers, like BMW, Nissan, Toyota, and a great many others, from which to make their selections when playing the game. The players have the chance to customize and improve their automobiles to suit their own personal tastes as well as the requirements of their driving. As they journey to various new floating locales, they will have the chance to experience an exciting adventure. Players are at liberty to explore any part of the city or any open airfields in order to select the paths that provide the most opportunity for exciting drifts. If you have a love for racing and are looking for a new challenge to take on in the form of a career as a professional drift driver, this is the best option for you to go with.

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You may control the motorcycle through the console by using the various keys and buttons there. In most cases, pressing the up arrow key will cause the vehicle to speed up, pressing the down arrow key will cause the vehicle to decelerate and apply the brakes, and pressing the left and right arrow keys will cause the vehicle to go left and right. Learn your way around the controls and get a sense of how the vehicle behaves in the game.