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In Cyclomaniacs, you can let loose your inner terrible and nasty rider. It is a long trip in this dune area full of sands that seem like saffron, and you have to be a fearless rider if you want to get to the place that you want to travel to!

Are you able to stay cool under the pressure of this race and continue at full speed?

This game features numerous levels of competition, each of which takes place in a different location. This journey will take you from the dunes all the way to Volcania, from Sunset City all the way to the Outlands, and finally all the way to the Moon! However, in order to be capable of going through all of these processes, you need to be a courageous and successful motorcycle rider. Get on your motorcycle, put on your helmet, and accelerate to the maximum possible rate.

You can earn coins that will allow you to unlock new characters and skills if you stay in the air for as long as possible and try to maximize your time there. Make an effort to fill up the stunt bar by doing cool and potentially dangerous movements. You will notice that as you go through the stages, you will be able to gain new achievements, which will in turn make the game even more enjoyable for you. Playing this adrenaline-pumping racing game will bring a whole new level of excitement into your life.
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Featured items

  • • Colorful graphics in two dimensions
  • • Bicycle attributes that can be personalized
  • • Abilities to be unlocked
  • • Accomplishments to be unlocked on a daily basis
  • • Unlockable riders to come

The controls

You may control the speed of the motorcycle, use the brakes, and maintain your balance by using the arrow keys. To jump, press the space bar on your keyboard.