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Bonjour, and bienvenue to Bouncy Motors, an amusing and diverting car game that invites you to pilot your jellybouillonnante car through a certain number of obstacles. Place yourself in the driver's seat of a foam automobile and set out on an action-packed adventure across a variety of game modes and levels. Unlock a ton of unique skins, and then select the one that best suits you. When driving on ice, exercise extreme caution and steer clear of the red zone.

How to Play

You must complete each level of the game as quickly as possible while navigating your jelly car around the course without hitting any of the red zones or falling off the platform. You'll need more cash to modify your Bouncy Engine if you can get through the more challenging stages, so make sure you pass them all!
Complete a variety of challenging levels while driving your jelly car!
You can make additional money by completing levels more quickly.
Purchase a number of different skins to construct a motorcycle that has an appearance that is distinctive and interesting.

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