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Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure is prepared to assist you in passing an interesting amount of time, during which you will be required to pilot huge automobiles through a course in the Arctic Circle that is rife with hazards, sharp traps, and an infinite number of adversaries.

Your sole objective will be to reach the finish line alive while launching rockets and eliminating foes along the route. While doing so, you will be tasked with gathering a large quantity of red jewels. You will be able to transform your vehicle into a true tank that is resistant to any challenge with the money that you have earned. To keep your life safe till you cross the finish line, you should level up your tank's size, its firepower, its engine power, its shield, and, of course, its defensive weapons.

Instructions to Play:

'Space' for bombs, 'X' for turbo, 'W' for gas, 'S' for brakes, and 'A' for balancing.
Gas, brake, and balancing are located on the arrow keys.
In this insane driving simulator and police chase game, having good driving skills and being able to accelerate quickly will be quite important. Become an automotive magnate, enhance your vehicles, and race monster cars against the law! In these ultimate wild races, you'll need to fight the boss to stay alive!