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Sound the police sirens and conduct a citywide patrol. Experience the thrill of quick driving and smooth flight in a police vehicle with the help of the newest Flying Car Game Police Games.
In this game, we get to see the wings unfold from the car and soar towards the clouds. Jump right into the drama of the virtual police chase in the airborne automobile.

Your mission in Flying Car Game Police Games

as the driver in the police car. Take to the city streets and the open sky above them and perform a variety of stunts, including loops, flips, tricks, drifting, crashing, boosting, and sliding.
Flip the switch to airplane mode, and the cruiser car will magically convert into a one-of-a-kind airborne police vehicle! In a single instant, you were able to transition from an expert driver of automobiles to a pilot of airplanes.

Tips And Tricks For Beginners play Flying Car Game Police Games

In police car racing games, are you prepared to both fly and drive? If so, you'll want to try out these games, which combine elements of genuine flight with those of driving a car simulator. If you switch off the flying feature while in the air, your police flying car simulator game may do flips and enormous jumps. The 3D game Real Police Flying Car combines flying with driving.
You can go wherever you choose in a huge, open metropolitan area, dodging buildings and other aircraft.
Learn how to pilot a flying automobile to perfection and race at breakneck speeds with nitro boosts.
Fans of aviation and driving simulation games of all skill levels will find plenty to love in Flying Police Car Simulator.


-Stunning high-definition (HD) visuals
-An actual race car with wings added so it can take to the air
-Massive open-world urban setting with lots of things to do
-The controls are fun, realistic, and intuitive.
-Engage with intelligent, self-driving air traffic!
-Variable viewpoints
-Vigorous, authentic police sirens
-No cost to use or enjoy