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Why should you play Moto X3M Winter?

The Moto X3M 4 Winter allows you to have fun in a winter setting while still providing the excitement you'd expect from a racing game. This game goes rapidly and includes everything players desire in a skill game: high-flying leaps, risky flips, and heart-racing speeds. All of this comes together in a delightful package with a winter theme, making for an excellent gaming experience.

Do you consider Moto X3M Winter to be a Christmas game?

Yes, it most certainly is! Sure, dirt riding (or should we say snow biking?) isn't as festive as, say, the 60-second Santa Run. However, all of the maps have a Christmas theme, with things like Christmas villages in the backdrop, snowmen and Christmas trees scattered around the maps, icicles (which you should aim to avoid), and candy cane rockets waiting to attack! We tried all we could to make Moto X3M Winter appear like a Christmas game, despite the fact that the original Moto X3M didn't look like a Christmas game.

What are some additional online Christmas games similar to Moto X3M Winter?

Moto X3M 4 Winter is one of the few action-packed Christmas games available on Coolmath Games. This makes it rather unique. Most other Christmas games are math-based and require you to ponder and take your time. However, there are a few additional games on our Christmas Games Playlist that are as fast-paced and action-packed.

Two games from our Christmas Games Playlist that spring to mind are Catch the Candy Xmas and Big Ice Tower Tiny Square. It is available here. Both of these games, like Moto X3M Winter, demand strong coordination and rapid answers to succeed. After you've completed all 25 stages in Moto X3M Winter, go over to those other fast-paced games.


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