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This new endless racing arcade game is called Crazy Traffic Racer, and it features the power to smash, blow up, and crash cars that are in traffic.
Earn money while navigating a congested road so you can pay for upgrades and brand new vehicles.

Crazy Traffic Racing is a disconnected game that you can play with friends disconnected from the internet, and you can also enjoy the newest installment in the Crazy Racing series. Whether you want to play as a driver, a pedestrian, or a cyclist, you will have fun with the racing game Crazy Car Traffic, which features realistic traffic. Carreras extremas de coches en la ciudad con mega acrobacias; the city's most difficult driving courses Introducing a new traffic race simulator that takes place on impossible courses Incredible stunts involving erratic and unpredictable vehicles in the traffic lanes

Try to become one of the fastest drivers in the global rankings, as well as a skilled driver, in the Crazy Traffic Racer Game, which features the incredible New Racing Cars function.


  • dazzling graphics in three dimensions
  • stunning automobiles
  • a teeming metropolis
  • several other kinds of automobiles, such as trucks, buses, and SUVs.
  • enhancements to automobiles
  • the power to wipe out other vehicles while driving on the road.