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In Police Car Chase Simulator you will drive some incredible law enforcement vehicles in a vast driving environment ready to explore, including a grand metropolis, forests, canyons, hills and mountains in total. an area of more than 16 km2 and 30 km of roads.

You should patrol the entire city and pull over and arrest any reckless drivers who have broken the law. To become the most powerful officer in the city and earn the highest-level badge, you will need to complete a large number of different tasks.

There are a total of 12 tiered badges available!

There are an infinite number of free levels available in the Police Car Chase Simulator game!

It is the most recent version of the police car simulator, so jump right into the action as a police officer!

There are many different kinds of violations:

  • Imprudent and risky driving
  • Going too fast
  • Ignoring a flashing red light
  • Stolen automobile

How to raise your rank in the Police Car Chase Simulator

Pursue and apprehend dangerous drivers.

Race automobiles at high speeds with no speed limits.

Make an arrest in the bank heist.

Be on guard and accompany the president at all times.

Assist those involved in crashes involving automobiles and airplanes.

You can test your driving skills in an entire city filled with realistic and heavy traffic, and you can choose from eight different tracks to compete at extremely high speeds.

You'll need to complete a ton of missions if you want to become a decent cop and a professional driver.

The city is quite large and features authentic elements such as moving traffic, buildings, homes, bridges, and signal lights.

Drive around and take in the sights, which include rivers and lakes, an ancient Japanese temple, an airfield with aircraft and planes, cottages and farms in remote areas, ruins, and a camping spot, among other things.

The road networks are extremely extensive, ranging from motorways and 2x2 lanes to very small roads in the mountains, with hilly terrain to navigate when driving.

Specifically, these:

Experience a massively open-world driving simulator that includes the environments of a city, a construction site, and a dockyard, all of which are filled with open highways, mountains, hills, and forests.

miles of roads on which to do stunt driving and driving maneuvers, including jumping.

Complete personalization is available for police vehicles.

AI with actual and severe traffic that is constantly changing dynamically

The most authentic simulation of driving a car and the most thrilling ride possible

Physics of drifting that are true to life

Automobiles of the highest quality

Camera views that constantly shift and move

simple and intuitive controls for driving, including touch, wheel, and tilt controls!


In one of the best free automobile driving simulators currently available, demonstrate your incredible talents behind the wheel of a vehicle and impress your audience with some impressive driving maneuvers.

This game features a vast open globe to provide the finest possible experience when playing an automobile driving simulator game. Have fun while you compete in races, perform tricks and stunts, drift, crash, leap, and flip your way through a massive, complex, open metropolis. The Police Car Chase Simulator provides a driving experience that is both realistic and extreme, and it is not one that you will want to pass up.