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Traffic Racer is a video game that falls into the arcade racing genre. Engage in the game immediately to navigate your vehicle through the flow of vehicles on the highway, accumulate currency, enhance its performance, and acquire other vehicles.

Traffic Racer is a thrilling arcade racing game where players assume control of an automobile and maneuver through busy highway traffic, providing limitless enjoyment. It is imperative for the player to avoid collisions with other vehicles and obstacles while simultaneously collecting coins and power-ups. The game provides a diverse range of game modes to ensure players remain engaged, including Endless, Two-Way, Time Trial, Police Chase, and Free Ride. Players can earn money and spend it to enhance their vehicles or buy new ones. Many have praised Traffic Racer for its stunning graphics, realistic vehicle mechanics, and engaging gameplay.


Up Arrow: Increase speed
Down Arrow: Apply the brake on the left side.
Arrow: Turn left. Turn right.
Spacebar: Engage the handbrake (hold for tight corners).
Input: Initiate/Interrupt race


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