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Playing as a racer in Polygon Drift: Endless Traffic Racing means braving the stress of constantly crowded roadways.

Get ready to show off your driving skills in thrilling races against other fast-moving automobiles. Mastering the art of lane changing and stopping your vehicle from rolling over will greatly increase your safety on the road. Drive the car cautiously and within a safe speed range to account for its progressive automatic acceleration. Choose Career mode to unlock more stages and accomplish more goals; or switch to Time Attack mode to beat the clock and finish certain tracks faster. Achieve a prominent position on leaderboards by consistently outperforming expectations and receiving high ratings. Strike it out against racers from all across the world and see who can emerge victorious.

Learn the ins and outs of playing Polygon: Endless Traffic Racing!

To go along routes, use your finger or the arrow keys.
To avoid crashes with other automobiles, you can change lanes by pushing the left or right arrow.

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