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Cartoon Moto Stunt is a thrilling motorcycle racing game that merges playful cartoon visuals with high-octane stunt maneuvers.

Experience the exhilaration of defying gravity as you navigate vibrant environments and challenge yourself on demanding tracks. Take in the exhilarating and dynamic cartoon style that is sure to capture your interest. Accumulate points and impress observers by executing extraordinary jumps, somersaults, and rotations. Multiple courses lie ahead, each presenting its own unique challenges. As you accumulate wealth, you will unlock the ability to acquire increasingly potent motorcycles endowed with distinctive capabilities. You have the option to adorn your rider with distinctive paint jobs, accessories, and headgear. Participating in online multiplayer races against fellow competitors.


Utilize the arrow keys to exert precise control over your motorcycle.
Depress the F key in order to execute daring maneuvers.
Accumulate coins in order to acquire additional motorcycles and unlock new levels.


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