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Car Traffic Race is an ideal game for individuals with a passion for racing. There are multiple levels of escalating difficulty in the game. Play immediately!

Using strategic maneuver planning, you can gain the exhilaration of evading traffic. Embark on an unparalleled experience of precision and control with our cutting-edge brake lever. While decelerating smoothly, deftly traverse corners and surmount obstacles without difficulty. Place your trust in our cutting-edge technology to improve your driving experience. Elevate your vehicle with an exhilarating accumulation of coinage. As you upgrade your vehicle, unlock a universe of unique capabilities that will outperform your competitors. Avoid immobilizing your valuable vehicle in traffic. Avoid sharp impacts to protect it from unnecessary injury. One can encounter the exhilarating sensation of maintaining a high velocity while deftly navigating the safe boundaries of the road's margins.

Instructions for the Car Traffic Race

Accelerate by tapping or holding the gas lever (located on the right).
To decelerate, press and retain the brake pedal (located on the left side).
To navigate your vehicle, tilt your device to the left or right.

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