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The content of Bus Track Masters has been expanded to include new features and additions, such as bus upgrades, external and interior customization, and a new achievement.

As you go through a wide variety of difficult levels, you'll have plenty of opportunities to get caught up in the thrill of the game. Every single level has been meticulously constructed to put your skills to the absolute test, from the open highways to the tight city races that will get your heart pumping like crazy. B Compete against yourself in order to face challenges that slowly become more difficult and will keep you on the tip of your seat and wanting more. Experience the surge of adrenaline as you put your driving skills, fast reflexes, and the power of speed to the test in a race where the stakes are extremely high. In a world where the results of every race are critically important, only the most talented and accurate competitors have a chance of coming out on top. Is it time for you to assume control of the trip by getting behind the wheel and driving forward?

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You won't believe how exciting driving can be until you try it with just the arrow keys.

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