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Empty tank There is a lot of exciting and perhaps dangerous racing going on in Burnout Crazy Drift. Participate in the game to increase your chances of becoming a famous race car driver.
The computer game Burnout Crazy Drift is tremendously exhilarating, and it will have you experiencing a surge of excitement as your wheels tear across the wintry scenery. You will not have any trouble recovering control of your vehicle at all if you make optimal use of the possibilities offered by your lightning-fast reaction speed and the exceptional driving talents you possess. You can help yourself get ready for the physical work that will be required to break the ice by wrapping yourself in numerous layers of warm clothes. This will help keep you warm.


Find the ideal vehicle for drifting across the streets.
You might put the money you make from doing incredible slides toward the purchase of brand-new automobiles. You begin the game with a Ford Mustang, but you can go through the game with a wide variety of vehicles, from drifting classics like the Nissan 350z to pick-up trucks and supercars like the Bugatti Veyron. Once you have accumulated sufficient funds, you will be able to purchase these formidable automobiles. To navigate around all of the obstacles, you should carefully use the arrow keys and control.


  • Ridge is the most profitable and least difficult course to drift on.
  • If you maintain the same drift for a longer period of time, you will rack up points more quickly.
  • If you get into an accident, you will lose all of your drift points, so try to avoid them!
  • The automobiles each have their own distinct qualities, with some being superior to others.

Featured items

  • You can make money by drifting.
  • You can achieve the ideal equilibrium by adjusting the tuning of your vehicle.
  • You can choose from a variety of sports cars, regular cars, and trucks to purchase.
  • Change the look of your car with some fresh paint and wheels.