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Taxi Driver is a great video game. Let's act like we're taxi drivers and do fun tasks as we go around a busy city.

Spend your time learning how to drive a meter car so you can make money by picking up and letting off people. Run through the busiest traffic, but be careful; it's all over the place. You'll make more money if you can run as fast as a comet. In each level, players will face a variety of customer requests, such as those who want to be taken quickly to a certain location, given a tour of the city, or given directions to that location. The game has different types of cabs, from economy cars to limousines, that players can customize. There are scenes set during the day and at night, and the weather changes all the time.

How to Play the Part of a Taxi Driver

You have the ability to alter the speed by using either the "down" or "up" buttons. To turn the vehicle to the left or right, respectively, hit the left and right buttons on the steering wheel.

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