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In Police Car Line Driving, players are given the opportunity to assume the position of a trained law enforcement officer who is pursuing criminals through the streets of the city.

When you are attempting to maintain control and effectively complete your objectives, you need to exercise caution when passing other vehicles and avoiding hazards. As you patrol the city, you will be confronted with a wide range of challenging jobs, the majority of which require you to have quick reflexes and the ability to think strategically intelligently. When you are pursuing thieves who are on the run or attending to crises, you will need to drive your police vehicle with precision and expertise. Your interest in your character's mission is maintained for the entirety of the game thanks to the captivating storyline. Now is the time to put your driving skills to the test in the line driving of police vehicles and establish yourself as the most skilled police vehicle driver in the history of the profession!


To take control of the police car, you will need to use the arrow keys on your computer.
When you want to speed up, use the up arrow.To slow down or reverse, press the down arrow on your keyboard.
The car can be driven in the desired direction by using the left and right arrow keys on the steering wheel.
By using the space bar, you can bring the vehicle to a complete stop and activate the brakes.
You can pause the game or exit it by pressing the Esc key.

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