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If you enjoy action racing games, you'll have a blast with Neon City Racers. In this fascinating game, players participate in thrilling races through a dynamic neon city. Come on, guys!

Here's a game that will make you appreciate racing in a whole new light. You may look forward to being amazed by a vast collection of racing automobiles, each of which has been painstakingly crafted with pictures that will leave you speechless. But that's not all. A plethora of options that will revolutionize your racing experience are coming your way. Each race will feel like an insurmountable challenge that you must overcome, and you'll feel a rush of adrenaline like you've never experienced before. When you get behind the wheel, it's time to go. We put in a lot of effort to implement changes that will make your car quicker and more precise, giving you a greater say in the outcome of the race. It's fantastic to push the limits of customization in order to give your vehicle a thrilling performance that completely destroys the competition.

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Following the in-game instructions will help you save up for brand new automobiles.

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