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In the thrilling Hurdle Track Car Stunts, you put your driving abilities to the test on circuits brimming with perilous obstacles.

You have to make it through the course unscathed and unimpeded if you want to cross the finish line. Perfectly timing your jumps and acrobatics will win you maximum points and unlock new levels. Compete with your friends to see who can perform the most daring stunt driving and try to outdo your previous best scores. You should brace yourself for hurdles and challenges on the hurdle track. The difficulty of the obstacles will rise as you go through the levels. Race through each level, collecting cash and other incentives at a rapid pace. If you want to make it as a stunt performer and make it across the finish line unscathed, you have to work on your timing and accuracy. On the hurdle track, you'll go on an exhilarating thrill ride as you try to rack up the highest score by jumping from one automobile stunt to another.


Manage your vehicle's speed, braking, and steering with the on-screen controls. To accomplish acrobatics and jump over obstacles, you must also press the jump button.

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