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An exciting racing game, Fast Euro Train Driver Sim places you at the wheel of high-speed trains racing across Europe.

From classic steam locomotives to modern electric trains, you'll get to ride on a wide array of vehicles as you navigate stunning European landscapes. Thanks to the lifelike sound effects and stunning graphics, you'll feel like you're actually racing around the courses in the driver's seat. Safely transporting passengers and delivering cargo to multiple locations within tight deadlines will test your precision and decision-making abilities. Throughout the game, you'll amass a fleet of trains and a network of routes to navigate them around Europe. You will get to explore both bustling cities and serene countryside on your exciting journeys from locations like Paris to Berlin, Rome to London, and innumerable more.


Quicken your pace by pressing the W key or the up arrow.
Slow down or stop: Hit the down arrow key or the S key.
To go to the left, use the A key or the left arrow key.
To go to the right, use the D key or the right arrow key.
Horn: Hit the home key.Press the C key to change the camera view.
Stop Playing: Hit the P key.
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