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The Extreme City GT Car Stunts Game is a high-octane, adrenaline-pumping extreme racing game that gives players the opportunity to experience mega ramp auto racing at its most thrillingly fast and furiously exciting.
Supercars, muscle cars, and off-road vehicles are some of the options available to players when selecting a vehicle for use in the game.
The incredible and spectacular car stunts performed on stunt tracks will completely blow your mind. The highly intelligent GT car-smashing equipment and the extremely intelligent driving stunt setting make this game more interesting.

Extreme City GT is an exciting game that simulates motor racing in the year 2020, and the vehicle stunts are certain to have you on the edge of your seat. You need to have exceptional stunt driving skills in order to be able to properly handle tricky, impossible race tracks and tight paths with your stunt car.

Put your driving skills to the test in open-free mode by guiding your sports car through a variety of different stunts and hazards. Have you made up your mind to climb the mega ramp?
adversities that need to be conquered We've designed challenging and exciting races for you to compete in so that you can show off your driving skills. There are obstacles that need to be surmounted, such as traversing treacherous ramps.

The game also includes the following additional features:

impossible parkour-style stunts;
realistic automobile collisions and damage;
Challenging game modes and race courses,including soccer, bowling, and even racing and jumping!