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Drive Hills is a physics-based driving game in which a variety of vehicles surmount hills. There are many levels in the game. Play immediately!

The game provides the player with an extensive selection of vehicles, each possessing distinct off-road capabilities and performance. You are in for an exciting journey through this game, as each segment offers a unique set of challenges. The driver must exert prowess in order to ascend the hill and surmount these challenges. New vehicles and stages become accessible to the player as the game progresses, thereby increasing the difficulty and variety. Additionally, the game features a multiplayer mode in which players can compete against one another or work in teams to complete levels. Drive Hills will captivate fans of multiplayer experiences, off-road racing games, and dynamics-based driving games.


Accelerate: To propel your vehicle forward, press the up arrow or W key.
To steer the vehicle, use the left and right arrow keys, A and D.
Brake: To reverse or decelerate, press the down arrow or S key.
Drift: While turning, press the right arrow or D key to drift and gather speed.
To put the vehicle in reverse, press the A key or the left arrow.
Accumulated Coins: Accumulated coins may be utilized to purchase enhancements and new vehicles.
Beat the Time: Complete the level within the allotted time to advance.

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