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The trip is what Crazy Road Runner is all about, not just the race. Explore different areas and find secret paths.

Always keep an eye out for great prizes and important goals to reach as you play the game. Gather coins to get access to special content, make your rides unique by painting them or adding upgrades, and show off your style to everyone. Crazy Road Runner's realistic sound effects and stunning graphics make the game feel like you're really there. Experience the thrill of making it through tight turns, using nitro boosts to speed up even more, and breaking records at the finish line. As you visit different places, from city streets to mountain trails, you'll find hidden paths and short cuts. Discover useful tips that will help you improve your racing skills and win the race.


To move the road runner, press the up, down, left, and right arrow keys on your computer.
To make the roadrunner jump, press the up arrow key.
There are left and right button keys that you can use to move the roadrunner.
If you press the down arrow key, the roadrunner will slide under low objects.
Use these tools to move around in the game's constantly changing world.
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