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The thrilling racing game known as Animal Traffic Run puts you in charge of a wide range of charming animals and challenges you to become the best traffic manager possible. Play right away!

The purpose of the players is to exercise control over the movement of vehicles throughout a densely populated animal kingdom. When these lovely creatures are traveling through congested cities, rivers, and even the skies, it is your responsibility as a responsible traffic controller to make sure that they get to their destinations without any injuries. With their bright landscapes and likable protagonists, the game's stunning visuals genuinely capture the essence of the animal kingdom and make it come to life. During your journey, you will come across a diverse range of animals, ranging from lively monkeys flying through the treetops to graceful dolphins swimming through the ocean. To ensure that there is no disruption in the flow of animal traffic, it is necessary to make decisions in a split second and to direct each animal to the appropriate lane at the appropriate time. By using the game's straightforward tap, swipe, and slide controls, you can keep the flow of traffic going while also accumulating awards and power-ups.


When you swipe left, the animal will be moved to the left lane. When you swipe right, the animal will be moved to the right lane. 
In order to move the animal forward, swipe up. The animal will move backward when you swipe down. 
To pause or resume the game, tap.
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