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An exciting racing game, 2 Player Police Racing gives players the opportunity to compete against one another in high-speed police cars. Action and excitement abound in the game.

Take part in heart-pounding chases, electrifying races, and a wide variety of challenging courses that will test your driving abilities to their absolute limit. In a high-stakes race, you can experience the ultimate pleasure of competing against a buddy or engaging in a competition against an artificial intelligence opponent. When you are trying to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponent, you will put your intelligence and strategic skills to the test. Prepare yourself for a competition that, unlike any other, will be filled with adrenaline! In your pursuit to become the ultimate champion and cross the finish line in first place, you will have the opportunity to experience the excitement of employing powerful power-ups, master the art of drifting around electrifying corners, and carefully navigate through hard obstacles. You will achieve all these things during your quest.


Select the setting you want to play in, pick your favorite police car, and then use the mouse to actually play.

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